David Watson's route west on foot from Rozelle [right of map] to Brush Farm (2005-07), and return from Ermington to Rozelle via the Parramatta River (2011). The walk was completed in 19 instalments, the swim in four.

Wild Ryde

Archival-looking glass slides re-frame contemporary landscapes captured on a meandering walk west across suburban Sydney (2005-07). The slides incorporate damage – missing shards, cracks, foxing, fading – digitally derived from a set of glass-plate negatives of the area shot by a local photographer a century earlier. These ‘future memories of now’ speak fondly of suburbia, and home, but also of unbridled progress and loss.

19 inkjet prints on 4 mm glass
20.8 x 27.8 cm
Two free-standing lightboxes (plywood, perspex)
219 x 40 x 90 cm

See also swimming home 
+ Chapter 14 onwards (pp 321-99) of Wild Ryde (2012)

+ podcast 'The Pace of Place: David Watson's Wild Ryde'