David Watson's route west on foot from Rozelle [right of map] to Brush Farm - completed in 19 instalments (2005-07).

Walking With Cars

Treasures and portents gleaned on a walk west across suburban Sydney. Crushed bottle-caps
scanned and enlarged to
the diameter of my head,
birds cut from contemporary streetscapes. The 'crack' of the Eastern Whipbird, a favourite which once hopped beneath our hawthorn hedge, is today rarely heard: 70% of the species recorded 
in my parents' 1965 bird-lists no longer visit the area. 

Elders (2), Family (4)

Six Lambda prints behind
3 mm perspex, laser routed
26 x 24 cm, 28 x 25 cm,
20 x 28 cm, 16 x 28 cm,
26 x 26 cm, 21 x 29 cm 
Edition of eight
$750 each

'Lost' - Coachman
More for Us, Less for Them 

Three Lambda prints behind
3 mm perspex, laser routed
26 x 55 cm
Edition of eight
$1300 each

Exhibition Release

Exhibition Catalogue

See Chapter 15 (pp 344-57) of Wild Ryde (2012)

Shroud of Bennelong
Queen of the lron Ore Age 

Five pure pigment prints on
archival art paper mounted on
3 mm aluminium composite panel
74 x 50 cm, 85 x 54 cm,
57 x 55 cm, 57 x 85 cm,
45 x 58 cm
Edition of eight
$900 each


River-corridor 'traffic'... crushed kerbside detritus pocketed, scanned, enlarged.

513 Pre-Paid
Stationery Boat

Six pure pigment prints on archival art paper on 3mm aluminium composite panel

45 x 72 cm, 44 x 72 cm, 
38 x 72 cm, 47 x 72 cm,
44 x 72 cm, 72 x 51cm 

Edition of eight
$1100 each 

     The Sydney Morning Herald
     26 November 2008