Terror Australis

Many of us seem disconnected from (this) country, from what lies beneath our feet.
The 'Horizons' are in fact
roll-ends – slide film inadvertently exposed when loading my OM-1 on trips across Europe in the 1980s – hoarded whilst living in London because they conjured the heat and high horizons of a mythically remembered Australia. Counterpointing these is a suite of 'Ellipses' proffering actual glimpses of a more viscous, ancient and peripheral antipodean wildness. In a corner an alarmed custodian – a porcelain koala with a candle – bears witness. 

Exhibition Catalogue

Exhibition Release

12 Lambda prints on 6 mm aluminium 70.5 x 47 cm
Edition of eight
$900 each

Lambda print
on foam core
60 x 40 cm (unframed)
Edition of eight
$600 each

10 C-type photographs
behind 3 mm perspex
32 x 50 cm
Edition of eight
$750 each