Abbott-Proof Fence

With our transition to a sustainable energy future hampered by a myopic PM, my solar fence was a call to action at a tipping point in human history, a celebration of people power. In 2015, despite the COALition's suppression of renewables, 1.4 million Australian homes had installed solar – the fastest uptake in the world.

[Tony Abbott was removed from office in September 2015]

130 x 850 x 10 cm
Solar panels, hardwood posts, metal brackets, leaf mulch, cast-bronze plaque on sandstone

Exhibition Release

HarbourSculpture, Woolwich; SubLiminal, Leichhardt 2015

'Don't Sit On Fence' appeared in Sydney's Northern District Times, 5 August 2015, p. 39

See also: 'Artist David Watson’s Abbott-Proof fence sculpture pokes fun at the Prime Minister’s stand on climate change', The Daily Telegraph, 5 August 2015