Selected works above (l. to r.) Rally against ‘Grand Theft WestCONNex’, NSW Parliament House, April 2017 [Pip Hinman 2017], Rozelle Against WestConnex (RAW) logo [Mark Titmarsh 2017], ‘WestConnex Destroys Communities’ stencilling outside 44 Callan Street, Rozelle [David Watson 2017], ‘WestCONnex NOT HERE NOT ANYWHERE’ sign [Cassi Plate 2017], Women of WestCONnex [Janet Kossy 2016], Mark Titmarsh [in yellow] delivers opening ‘slam’ REGRESS (2017) + (above) WestCONnex Bigger Bottle SAME NECK! banner [Marg Carter/Janette Willett/Brian Gorman/Holly Gorman/Peter Hehir], ‘WestConnex An Exercise In Corruption’ stencil [Anon Ymous 2016], Baird’s Butchery [Susan Dorothea White 2016], ‘WestCONnex Juggernaut’ graphic [Denise Corrigan 2016], Paperbark rubbings, Sydney Park [Vivien Johnson/Lorrie Graham/Jacqui Sykes 2017], Andrew Chuter in John Bartholomew’s WestCONnex UNFILTERED costume, Victoria Road, Rozelle, March 2017 [Marg Carter 2017], NO WESTCONNEX [Opera House] [Andrew Chuter 2016], Protest on White Bay footbridge, Rozelle, February 2017 [Denise Corrigan 2017], WESTCONNEX Traffic Jam (John Bartholomew/Colin Charlton 2015), Removing Trees at Night - DUNCAN GAY (Rozelle Book Club 2017), STOP WestCONnex (mother and child), Darling Street, Rozelle [Denise Corrigan 2016], Three Volumes from the Library of Failed Motorways [Andrew Chuter 2016]

Rozelle Book Club @ Sydney Writers’ Festival, May 2017

Rozelle Book Club @ Sydney Writers’ Festival, May 2017

Sensitive Receivers: Rejecting WestCONnex

Urgent visual work by 40 Sydney artists and activists + screenings of TUNNEL VISION (Ivan Hexter's doco re the 'people power' defeat of Melbourne's $18 billion East West Link), BLIGHT (John Smith's elegy to M11-Link-devastated East London) and CARMAGEDDON (Gavin Gatenby's exposé of WCX's decimation of St Peters and Alexandria)… mounted in our Rozelle home studio at a key point in the campaign against WestConnex.

One weekend only! Sat 13 + Sun 14 May 2017


Exhibition + e-catalogue organised by David Watson, with Denise Corrigan…

Sensitive Receivers 80 pp exhibition e-catalogue


Michael Agzarian • Ben Aveling • John Bartholomew • Peter Boyle • Marg Carter • Andrew Chuter • Denise Corrigan • Poppy Danis • DA$ POLiT!X • Richard Dudley-Smith • Ros Dunlop • Tony Fuery • Brian Gorman • Holly Gorman • Lorrie Graham • Anne Greig • Peter Hehir • Pip Hinman • Lucinda Hujer • Paul Jeffery • Vivien Johnson • Janet Kossy • Pauline Lockie • Neil Phillips • Cassi Plate • Margaret Roberts • Corinne Sellers • Adrienne Shilling • Jacqui Sykes • Joel Tarling • Mark Titmarsh • John ‘Toddy’ Todhunter • David Watson • Alana West • Susan Dorothea White • Cathy Wilcox • Janette Willett • Anon Ymous

The exhibition’s title is a play on WCX's own beige jargon – sensitive receivers are those 'in the zone' – people, homes and businesses under threat from the gargantuan tollway's proposed routes across and beneath Sydney, those whose close-knit communities are being wrought asunder, whose health & environmental amenity face years of disruption, dust, noise and vibration.

Artists, too, are 'sensitive receivers' – quick to detect, reveal, sound the alarm – canaries in the mine.

At the top of our street in Rozelle, WestConnex intends to demolish 27 homes and businesses on Victoria Road for a tollway/tunnel no-one needs or will be able to afford ($109/week Parramatta to Rozelle). Spend the $45 billion on public transport!

Event supported by with No WestCONnex: Public Transport, Save Ashfield Park, Newtown Residents Against WestCONnex, EcoTransit Sydney, Leichhardt Against WestCONnex, WestConnex Action Group and Inner West Studio Trail.